Project G13 Avon's Adventure

game phaserjs jekyllrb open-source

Avon’s Adventure is an open-source, adventure-rpg platformer game in which players guide our aging hero, Avon, through the first ever adventure. Avon spent his entire life on the same tiny island, upon which he helped literally build the community using his skills as a master carpenter. The story begins when Avon witnesses a bolt of green lightning blast a hole through the lush canvas of his island’s (rumoured to be haunted) forest. With a strong desire to save the forest from being burned down, he grabs a bucket and runs straight into the woods.

Avon's Adventure Homepage

Kirk M. @saricden (solo project)

JavaScript HTML5 Canvas / WebGL responsive game, can be played on mobile or desktop, alongside a responsive development blog. Entire project is open-source.

Front-end web, back-end web, and game development, leveraging technologies such as JekyllRB static-site generator, Materialize CSS framework, PhaserJS JavaScript game engine, and webpack asset bundler. Along with UX & UI design and illustration + animation.

Avon's Adventure Homepage